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Exquisite detail. Thoughtful intent. Meticulous craftsmanship.




Trends come and go, brands rise and fall, but the quality and craftsmanship of a piece of Addie & Clyde Handmade Jewelry make for a more memorable and impressive experience.

Humans have been creating beautiful body ornaments for more than 25,000 years, signifying belonging, status, and connection to one another. Every piece of handcrafted jewelry created at Addie & Clyde is infused with this connection and legacy of family. Owner and artisan, Suzanne Dupree, was influenced by her mother’s love of jewelry and began creating her own designs 20 years ago in Hawaii.

Addie & Clyde's jewelry reflects artistry and eloquence in every handcrafted piece she creates.

The quality infused in every bracelet, necklace, and set of earrings speaks for itself as it becomes part of your own family’s history and legacy, an heirloom to pass on.

It’s true that the practice of mass-manufactured jewelry in the past 200 years offers more accessibility to a larger part of the population. But it strips jewelry of its artistry and meaning. The quality of the work suffers, while its pieces also lack imagination and a craftsman’s emotion behind the design.

Handmade jewelry is created by an artist who designs their own pieces. The creative freedom to experiment is unique to these jewelry makers. They can try, or even create, new techniques to achieve their vision for a piece. Some pieces and details, such as wire-wrapped jewelry, require specific tools or processes only available to individual craftsmen.

Artisans like owner and jeweler Suzanne Dupree at Addie & Clyde, seek out the highest-quality materials and won’t rest until they have the best.

Craftsman jewelers care about the source of minerals and stones they use, and Suzanne has the resources and knowledge to find them. Once these materials become part of a piece of her jewelry, you own a handcrafted work of art that will last a lifetime and beyond.

Today, Dupree works in a variety of metals, from copper to sterling silver to 14K gold-filled, as well as unique and whimsical beads, charms, and stones.

Her work encompasses many techniques like wire wrapping, beading, and metalworking, with designs that are distinctive, sometimes quirky, and represent a variety of styles such as bohemian, vintage, and modern.

She creates earrings, bracelets, and necklaces with materials she makes or buys from other artisans.